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Founded by José Carlos Lopes Silva in 2007, JCLS Music was born with the creation of the first musical project created in partnership with Jotasi / Jotasi Music and launched by Jotasi Web Services, namely the Eurovisão Portugal (Eurovision Portugal) project launched in March 2007 available at www.eurovisaoportugal.com
In the same year, the second musical project was created, namely the BandasFilarmónicas.Net (Philharmonic Bands) launched in August 2007 and at the end of 2008 the third musical project was launched, namely the Músicos do Mundo (Musicians of the World) available at www.musicosdomundo.pt
During the first phase of JCLS Music's existence, the 3 musical projects were launched under the supervision of Jotasi Web Services, with JCLS Music taking over the musical releases of the institutional partnership between JCLS Music and Jotasi since the 4th musical project, namely Arquivo Musical (Music Archive) launched in December 2008 available at www.arquivomusical.com
Having established itself as a producer of online musical content since 2007, more than 20 hugely successful musical projects have been launched, including the critically acclaimed Eurovision Family (the worldwide community of Eurovision Fans) launched in November 2010 available at www.eurovisionfamily.com

Maurice André

The MAURICEANDRE.ORG is the Maurice André Tribute and Memorial website sponsored by Trompetistas.Net (the Trumpet Players website and Trumpet Players World Community in www.trompetistas.net) in partnership with Jotasi / Jotasi Music, powered by Jotasi Web Services, owned by JCLS Music.

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